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ITA Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame Committee

Millie West (Chair and Curator), College of William & Mary
Cathy Beene, Georgia Southern University
David Benjamin, ITA (Ex-officio)
Frank Brennan, Stanford University (retired)
Beverly Buckley, Rollins College
Ed Hegmann, Univ. of Mary Washington
Brian Kalbas, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill
Kathy Kolankiewicz, University of New Mexico
Ann Lebedeff, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Ginny Mack, Rollins College (retired)
Sheila McInerney, Arizona State University
Susan Oertel, Luther College (retired)
Meg Peavy, University of Louisville (retired)
Tyler Thomson, College of William & Mary
Jeff Wallace, University of Georgia
Barbara Wetters, (Assistant Curator), College of William & Mary
Brian Williams, Brian Williams Television Productions, Raleigh, NC