Division I Operating Committee

Division I Operating Committee 
The ITA Operating Committees consist of: current ITA Board of Director members (indicated by *), elected regional representatives (**) and current chairs for ITA National Tournaments (***). 

Nomination Form (2015-17) - DEADLINE: April 15

Men's Coaches:

Robert Bayliss, University of Notre Dame* (Ex-Officio)
Tad Berkowitz, University of Arizona (Ex-Officio)

Brian Boland, University of Virginia**
Tony Bresky, Wake Forest University**
Brad Dancer, University of Illinois**
Kent DeMars, University of South Carolina, Retired* (Ex-Officio)
David Fish, Harvard University* (Ex-Officio)
Dwayne Hultquist, Florida State University**
George Husack, University of Alabama
Trevor Kronemann, University of California-Irvine*
Carl Neufeld, Southern Methodist University**
Billy Pate, Princeton University* (Chair)
Bill Richards, Ball State University* (Assoc. Chair)
John Roddick, University of Oklahoma*
David Roditi, Texas Christian University*
Jay Udwadia, Oklahoma State University***
Vince Westbrook, University of Tulsa***
Danny Westerman, University of Denver**
Peter Wright, University of California-Berkeley**

Women’s Coaches:

Jamie Ashworth, Duke University**
Amanda Augustus, University of California, Berkeley
Bob Dallis,
Dartmouth College**
Michelle Dasso, University of Illinois*
Erica Jasper, University of New Mexico*
Brian Kalbas, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill*
Nicole Kenneally, University of Colorado* (Ex-Officio)
Betsy Kuhle, Western Michigan University*
Laura Ludwick-White, Drexel University (Ex-Officio - NCAA)
Jenny Mainz, University of Alabama**
(Assoc. Chair)
Sheila McInerney, Arizona State University* (Chair)
David Mullins, University of Oklahoma**
Michael Patrick, University of Tennessee-Knoxville**
Claire Pollard, Northwestern University (Ex-Officio)
Joey Scrivano, Baylor University
Sherri Stephens, University of San Diego***
Roland Thornqvist, University of Florida**
Terry Ann Zawacki-Woods, Virginia Tech**


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