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Why an Endowment Fund?

In order to continue to provide its current programs and services to college tennis as well as expand these activities, the ITA needs additional funding.

Corporate Sponsorships and USTA Grants have provided nearly half of the ITA’s operating funds in past years. Recent dramatic reductions in these sources has necessitated creating an endowment fund to fill the void.

 Intercollegiate Tennis…Providing Lifelong Memories

•In education, personal & leadership development

•In the coach-player mentoring relationship

•The pride of representing one’s university

•Experiencing team camaraderie

A springboard to personal & professional success for the rest of our lives

Get involved…

Help us reach our goal of creating an ITA Endowment Fund to secure the future of college tennis.

Make it possible for future generations of young men and women to experience the excitement of competition, the recognition of success, the opportunities afforded for personal development, and the mentoring and leadership provided by the ITA.

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Past Endowment Fundraisers
Auction-Winning Hitting Session with Stan and Dan


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