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Click here to view the latest list of college tennis programs in jeopardy of being dropped and programs that have been successfully saved/added.  

College Tennis Advocates Form
The ITA and the USTA Collegiate Committee are working with the 17 USTA sections to develop an Advocacy Network for varsity collegiate tennis.  We are creating a database of tennis "advocates" who are supporters of college tennis.  We would like you to please give us the names of  influential people within your community. The ITA will contact these individuals to invite them to become part of the "Advocacy Network" which will work towards further promoting college tennis. These individuals will not be solicited; their contact information will only be used for this purpose and will be kept confidential.
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Added Programs
The ITA and USTA have joined forces to preserve and promote varsity college tennis at all levels and to encourage institutions to sponsor varsity college tennis. This effort has led to numerous varsity men's and women's tennis programs that have been established in the past five to six years among all of the divisional levels. The main vehicle to achieve this critical mission has been the USTA/ITA Advocacy Network, which is comprised of more than 2,500 individuals throughout the country, all of whom are devoted to varsity college tennis. Click here for a list of programs that have been added by colleges and universities.

Dropped Programs
Click here for a list of programs that have been dropped from colleges and universities.

Let Us Know
Over the past several years, the ITA has been conducting research on collegiate tennis programs that have been dropped, as it appears there is an alarming trend in progress.  We are asking you to help us gather information by listing below any schools in your division that have dropped their men’s and/or women’s tennis program in the past two decades. We would also like to hear about any programs which have been added or reinstated in recent years. Click here to fill out the form.

A Voice for Advocacy:  In their Own Words
Click here to read information that has been gathered from coaches who have faced the dropped program issue up close and personal and have emerged with a positive outcome and college tennis advocates who have a passion for our sport. 

Power of One Campaign
The United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) have joined forces to build an Advocacy Network for support of varsity collegiate tennis. This Network has been established as a response to varsity tennis programs being dropped on college campuses across the country (over 350 in the past two decades). The Network is comprised of tennis “advocates” who want to insure tennis programs continue to thrive on college campuses. Click here to complete the online Advocacy Network form.

Share Your Story
Do you have a success story regarding expanding tennis in your community? Were you able to get your local government to install new courts? Did you secure funding for an after-school tennis program? There are hundreds of local success stories that will motivate and inspire others. Please share what worked in your community, and we may post it for others to read and learn from.

USTA Contacts
We encourage you to explore ways to promote your programs through a cooperative effort with your USTA section. Some ideas include: provide your match schedule to the USTA Section and ask for their help in promoting it to their members; offer to help your USTA section host a college fair/night; offer to host USTA tennis events on your campus; offer to get involved with community outreach, etc.


USTA Section Campus Contact List



Contact Name


Phone #


Mónica Carrasquillo

787-982-7782 (ext. 223)


Sonia Sader



Michelle Brown


Hawaii Pacific

Sheila Kurosu



Monica Haller-Bradley

303-695-4117 (ext. 228)


Alanna Broderick

703-556-6120 (ext. 16)

Middle States

Mary Wurtz

610-935-5000 (ext. 225)


Steve Wise


Missouri Valley

Nick Hays


New England

Sarah Rice

508-366-3450 (ext. 27)


Brandon Jackson


Northern California

DeDee Winfield


Pacific Northwest

Mark Toppe



Jeff Smith


Southern California

Linda Milan



Ashley Redman

480-289-2351 (ext. 104)


Todd Carlson

512-443-1334 (ext. 208)



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